Stop Being So Good

I just saw an ad that said that real moms everywhere are rewriting the rules for how to be a good parent. And... REALLY?I don't think so.I think most of us have decided that being a good parent is hogwash. Not freaking possible.Does that mean don't try? Well, no, I don't think so, but I … Continue reading Stop Being So Good


I Don’t Understand, But I’m With You

I've had a few conversations this month about understanding. Two with my sisters, both spending awesome amounts of time outside the US. (Jealous much? Why yes, yes I am.) The other was with my husband. I'll start there: We've both been confused about all the transgender talk lately, with the military stuff happening. I don't … Continue reading I Don’t Understand, But I’m With You

Beach Sunsets and Snow Forts

I remember building snow forts deep in the snow in winter and swinging from the laundry t-post lines in the summer. And I remember all of us being friends. My brothers and all the neighbors. But Kate was my best friend. 

I didn't want to leave North Dakota and I didn't understand why my parents were so eager to. My dad had been assigned there for six years, longer than most military assignments and it wasn't exactly an ideal location. Colorado was wonderful compared to North Dakota, they said. 

But I don't have friends in Colorado. 

I remember praying every night with my dad that I would make friends. I was desperate for friends. 

Now, we're just beginning to feel connected here in San Diego, three years later, and we're getting ready to start over.

Let me rewind...

The Problem with Happy Endings

I was just reading a kids devotional to see if it was one I might want to read to N.

The first day of the devotional was sad.

I keep trying to skip to my happy ending, but I keep finding myself stuck in--what J, I and Brene Brown lovingly refer to as--Act Two

Every time I skip to Happy Ending... Act Two slaps me in the face and says, "Haha! Not yet you don't!"

It sucks...


I ran a half marathon a few weeks ago. Then I got a couple 13.1 stickers and when I drive my car I can see the bumper sticker in my rearview mirror. That became meaningful to me.

My half marathon is currently in my REARview mirror. Behind me.

My last blog about the half marathon talked about how I'm a different person because of what I did yesterday, but there's this whole life in front of me saying: 

What I did yesterday means nothing unless I'm still using it to propel me forward.