I Want My Mommy

My little boy turned one today.

I dropped him off at daycare and drove to work.

Then I cried for my mom.

Being a parent is the best hard thing I’ve ever done. I love it excruciatingly

One thing that I’ve discovered that is making it a bit harder than I even thought it would be is not having Grandma here.

Grandma loves my little boy about as much as I do. (Who knows, I’m so new to this loving my child thing, and she’s been doing it so long that it’s possible she actually loves him MORE than I do… Maybe when you become a grandparent there’s a whole new level of love than you even thought possible, because that’s for sure what happened when I became a parent. I digress.)

There’s no one else in this state who loves our child as much or more than J and I do. But I can imagine that having someone close by who does would make being a parent even more magical. If we could drop him off with someone who loved him like we do, what would it be like?! To see someone else’s eyes light up the way mine do when he’s in the room… To have someone read him books and teach him things even I don’t understand. To have someone to cry with when he turns one… 🙂

So I’ve decided it’s time for us to adopt. 

I’m going to start accepting applications for grandparents.

If there is anyone in SD county looking to adopt two children (who are married to each other, weird) and one grandchild (so far, no promises you won’t be obligated to more), then please submit your resume.

Required qualifications include:
At least 50 years of experience in, well, being alive.
You must have the ability to lift a 25 lb child
Ability to operate a camera and text photos
Extra room in your heart, home and schedule
Unconditional love and acceptance for others
Residence in San Diego County, Northeast County preferred
Mentoring experience preferred
Proven ability to show grace preferred
Ability to share one’s own shortcomings and show empathy

Serious inquiries only. Must be willing to relocate to San Diego.

I understand we could never replace your own kids (or lack thereof) and grandkids (or lack thereof) and we would never hope to. You also will never be able to replace the real grandparents. But my prior exprience with families is: 

the more the merrier

and we’d love to add you to ours.

Love, the Hagens


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