Stop Being So Good

I just saw an ad that said that real moms everywhere are rewriting the rules for how to be a good parent. And... REALLY?I don't think so.I think most of us have decided that being a good parent is hogwash. Not freaking possible.Does that mean don't try? Well, no, I don't think so, but I … Continue reading Stop Being So Good


I Don’t Understand, But I’m With You

I've had a few conversations this month about understanding. Two with my sisters, both spending awesome amounts of time outside the US. (Jealous much? Why yes, yes I am.) The other was with my husband. I'll start there: We've both been confused about all the transgender talk lately, with the military stuff happening. I don't … Continue reading I Don’t Understand, But I’m With You


I ran a half marathon a few weeks ago. Then I got a couple 13.1 stickers and when I drive my car I can see the bumper sticker in my rearview mirror. That became meaningful to me.

My half marathon is currently in my REARview mirror. Behind me.

My last blog about the half marathon talked about how I'm a different person because of what I did yesterday, but there's this whole life in front of me saying: 

What I did yesterday means nothing unless I'm still using it to propel me forward.

I Couldn’t. Then I Did.

When I woke up today I was actually a different person than I was when I woke up yesterday. When woke up today, I was a person who finished 13.1 miles in less than three hours. That's a person I never thought I'd be. But I am that person.

Until a few years ago I said that running a half marathon was impossible for me.

Today when I woke up, I'm someone who's accomplished something impossible...

I Could Never

No one ever believes me.

No matter how much I preface beforehand as soon as the words "I'm running a half-marathon tomorrow" come out of my mouth people refuse to believe I'm not an athlete.

No really. In high school I thought runners were worse than nerds. I thought sitting and practicing for a math-a-thon sounded like more fun than going out for a jog.

When I decided I wanted to become a runner I downloaded a C25K App (Couch to 5K) and the first run it takes you on says to run for SIXTY seconds and walk for ninety and I COULDN'T DO IT!

I couldn't jog for a MINUTE. That's how much I'm not a runner.

You Deserve More

Two donuts. Yep. I did it. I'm generally good at avoiding gluten because of a sensitivity, but those salesmen show up at work with a box of donuts and I'm toast...errr... fried? There isn't a person on the planet who thinks to herself, my body is going to thank me if I eat two donuts this morning. So why does anyone in her right mind eat donuts at all?

Do Something You Love

The thing that I'm learning about accomplishing my dreams that has actually surprised me the most is that it's really important for me to take time to enjoy my life. It will be easier for me to accomplish anything--fun or unfun--if I spend 20 minutes a day doing something I LOVE.