Animal Count

I'm just moving this from the side bar to a post... American animals just aren't nearly as exciting as the African ones were: FINAL ANIMAL COUNT ElephantLion & LionessCrocodileRhinocerosImpalaWildebeestOryxElandPumbas (Warthogs)Meerkat (!)SpringbokBaboonDonkeyGoatCowDogGiraffe Love, J+M


Time to Say Goodbye

This time next week, we'll be on an airplane headed to Johannesburg. It's so hard to believe that three months is practically gone. I wish we could have planned for a longer trip, there is just too much happening in people's lives for it to be complete in three months. We've decided it's time to … Continue reading Time to Say Goodbye


James and I have a favorite verse that we shared when we were dating, it's the message's version of "Be still and know that I am God." It says, "Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above everything." Today I am stopping. James has another show at … Continue reading stop

The Rock Lodge

This past week we went to help lead a youth camp at a place called Rock Lodge or ALTI (African Leadership Training Institute). We have been there previously for a weekend camp and we loved the equipping and inspiration of this next generation that is going on there. There are three guys that lead the … Continue reading The Rock Lodge