Birmingham, *Missouri, Colorado* and back home!

The week after James started with Family Life Church we headed out for the last leg of the roadtrip! The church staff and some volunteers were attending a conference in Birmingham! The only place East of Colorado that we hadn't gotten to see our family! So good to see Dan, Morgan and their beautiful kids! … Continue reading Birmingham, *Missouri, Colorado* and back home!


Road Trip Round-Up!

We started talking about this roadtrip before we were ever even engaged. We met some of James' extended family and said, "We should go visit them. Then we could go straight to so-and-so's and then see such-and-such after that! We'll if we're that far then we might as well see. . . I think we'll … Continue reading Road Trip Round-Up!

“So what do you do?” “I’m an adventurer.”

The Hagens left Colorado on May 5th and have since: Driven 4,100 miles Driven 72 hours/3 full days Visited 18 family members (including 2 brand new babies!) Visited 12 friends Made at least 9 new friends Been through 17 states  Served others: Photographing Unpacking boxes Setting up furniture Unloading Moving Trucks Painting Watching kids And … Continue reading “So what do you do?” “I’m an adventurer.”