Birmingham, *Missouri, Colorado* and back home!

The week after James started with Family Life Church we headed out for the last leg of the roadtrip! The church staff and some volunteers were attending a conference in Birmingham! The only place East of Colorado that we hadn't gotten to see our family! So good to see Dan, Morgan and their beautiful kids! … Continue reading Birmingham, *Missouri, Colorado* and back home!


“So what do you do?” “I’m an adventurer.”

The Hagens left Colorado on May 5th and have since: Driven 4,100 miles Driven 72 hours/3 full days Visited 18 family members (including 2 brand new babies!) Visited 12 friends Made at least 9 new friends Been through 17 states  Served others: Photographing Unpacking boxes Setting up furniture Unloading Moving Trucks Painting Watching kids And … Continue reading “So what do you do?” “I’m an adventurer.”